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Average healing time for a broken sternum

Most bones are broken because of a heavy impact, and the same applies to the sternum or breast bone. The average healing time for a broken sternum will depend, as usual, on how bad the break is. However, this is a hard bone to break and only a few people who receive a blow to this part of their body will suffer an actual fracture. Those that do can expect a recovery time of two to three months.

Pain, discomfort and spasms may all indicate a potential break in this area. Bruising might also occur, and in some cases a deformed chest can also point to a fracture. The symptoms experienced will likely depend on how bad the break actually is.

How could you suffer from this injury?

While it is rare, most of these injuries will occur during car accidents. The impact of the steering wheel on the chest is a classic example of how someone might break their sternum. The discomfort they will experience as a result often leads to that person wanting to know the average healing time for a broken sternum, as it can be very disruptive to everyday life.

The impact of the collision could also cause a break if the driver or passenger is wearing a seatbelt. The belt is designed to keep you in the car, but the force of being flung against it can in itself cause potential damage.

Do you have a right to claim compensation?

You would only have a right to do this if you can prove someone else caused your break to occur. For example, in a car accident, you have to have proof of negligence that points to another driver as the culprit for the accident itself.

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