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Arm ligament damage

With arm ligament damage, it is hard to predict how long it will take to heal

Short of an extreme injury resulting in amputation of the arm, arm ligament damage is able to heal. With arm ligament damage, how long it takes to heal depends on a number of factors, so it is hard to pinpoint an exact amount of time. But in most cases, it can take anything between six months to a year before the arm tissue can begin to fully recover. The healing process usually consists of three stages: inflammation, repair and remodelling.


The inflammation stage consists of the initial burning pain following your accident. Depending on the severity of injury, this can last up to three to five days. The pain and discomfort felt is a result of the trauma to collagen fibres, as the ligament has been bruised or torn. Muscle tissue bleeds and produces swelling within the joint, and this puts pressure on the nerve endings, making the arm feel painful and incredibly tender.


The repair stage will depend entirely on the severity of the tear and healing time can range between anything from three days to three weeks. The repair process largely involves blood clotting and forming a mesh, which eventually reproduce and begin to lay down new collagen tissue. Over time, the structure of the ligament becomes stronger and tissue fibres can begin to restore to their normal parallel arrangement within the joint.


Remodelling does exactly as it says on the tin — the process of reshaping and regaining muscle tissue. This will begin to happen up to a year after sustaining the injury. During this final stage of the healing process, flexibility and strength will improve in the joint. The arm will feel more toned and resilient over time. At this stage, physical therapy may be recommended to you to restore your arm to its former shape and agility as best you can.

The earlier stages of inflammation and repair may have caused a great deal of swelling in the arm. And once swelling has reduced, weekly sessions of physical therapy are a great way to keep muscles mobile and help speed up the last few weeks of recovery.

Arm injury claims

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