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ACL injury

An ACL injury is a short way of describing an anterior cruciate ligament injury. The ACL is located around the knee area of the leg. Ligaments are a piece of fibrous tissue that attaches bones to other bones. Without them our skeletons would just fall apart! This injury is a typical sporting injury as it is caused by a wrenching twisting action in the knee. However, it can also be caused during a fall. People who have suffered this injury have asked the following questions.

ACL injury FAQs

“How to know if you have an ACL injury?”

People who have suffered an ACL injury often say that they heard a sudden popping sound as the injury occurred. There is normally pain, swelling and instability as well. That basically means that the knee feels wobbly. Doctors will carry out an examination and may use an MRI scan to diagnose an ACL injury.

“Can you claim compensation for your injury?”

You can make a claim if the injury was not your fault. If you are not sure about this it is best to talk to the highly trained professional advisors at Accident Advice Helpline. They are the compensation provider that is endorsed by Dame 30-second test™. You will get an idea about whether your claim is likely to be successful or not. It is then up to you to decide if you want to start the claims process.

“How long will it take for an ACL injury to heal?”

Many people who have an ACL injury require surgery and a period of rehabilitation afterwards. Realistically it is around 9 months for complete recovery although this varies greatly between individuals. There will be several outpatient appointments and physiotherapy appointments to attend.

“Will your lawyer know what ACL is?”

Accident Advice Helpline can draw on the expertise its inhouse lawyers. This means that we will be able to find an expert to guide you through the claims process. This does not involve you having to pay a lot of money up front because claims are handled on a no win no fee basis.

“What can you claim for?”

You can claim for the injury itself. In general, the more severe injuries are awarded the higher compensation. The exact amount of compensation will only be revealed to you once the claim process has finished. Some claims take longer than others to resolve. Also, you can claim for the money that you have lost because of the injury. So if you cannot work you can claim wages. If you cannot look after your children you can claim childcare. It is a very good idea to have records of your payments and losses (e.g. pay slips) so that you can prove what you are claiming.

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