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What accidents exist within rounders?

The game of rounders has long been a favourite staple of P.E lessons, family gatherings and afternoons in the park. It is easy to see way. As a game, rounders is easy to set up, simple to understand and everyone can have a go. Unlike other games, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you are a natural sportsperson.

However, what does matter is that you stay safe whilst playing and safeguard against any slips or falls occurring and personal injuries being suffered.

Avoiding rounders accidents – slips, trips and falls

The main, and most obvious, danger of a game of rounders is the threat of slips and falls occurring. It is easy to see how they might. Whether you are a fielder haring off after the ball or a batter straining every sinew to make it home before being stumped, sometimes our efforts are rewarded with nothing more than an emotionally embarrassing and physically painful trip or fall accident.

Whilst these incidents can look innocuous, and indeed comical on occasion, the sad truth is that they can have serious repercussions. At best, victims of trips and falls usually suffer minor bumps, bruises and grazes. However, in the worst-case scenarios, dislocations, fractures and broken bones can occur.

Avoiding rounders accidents – other dangers

Any game involving a heavy ball and a substantial, weighty bat is guaranteed to have a number of inherent dangers to safety. Whilst they can never be totally eliminated, the key is to guard against and minimise them as far as possible. Keeping a firm grip on the bat, for example, can help keep you, and others, safe, from a carelessly discarded bat, once your go is over.

Also, particularly for beginners, it is best to stick with underarm bowling. There is a time and a place for bodyline tactics, a friendly game of rounders in the park is not it. Above all, remember that it is just a game and is meant to be fun. Over-competitiveness can all too easily lead to altercations, confrontations and accidents in public occurring.

If you are injured in an accident that was demonstrably not your fault and caused injuries that required medical attention, then you may be due personal injury compensation. At Accident Advice Helpline, our expert legal team can answer any queries you may have and are usually able to settle compensation claims out of court.