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Accidents at the seaside

Take any well-loved British seaside resort and imagine the scene. A family strolls along the wide-paved seafront. Colourful festoon lighting hangs between the curly-wurly lampposts and puffy white clouds scud across a blue sky. The sea is sparkling. They stop to buy candy floss and walk up to the donkeys grazing on the green. A fun day out at the seaside; what could possibly go wrong?

Actually, accidents at the seaside can happen for all sorts of reasons. Surfing looks exciting and fun, but it can be quite dangerous. There’s a good reason why surfing beaches have an area of sea marked out, with flags and lifeguards in attendance. Wide, flat beaches with shallow shelving that allows the rollers to crash in are great for surfers, but they hide dangerous riptides. Land-lubber visitors might be great on the surfboard, but they don’t have the local knowledge.

For the same reason, little plastic dinghies and lilos can whisk a child out to sea before the parents know that their child is missing. Do you know what tombstoning is? Most 12-year-olds could tell you. Climb up to the top of that high cliff over there and jump into the sea below. Try not to hit the rocks on your way down. It’s quite amazing how many tombstoning accidents happen every year at the British seaside.

Accidents at the seaside that weren’t your fault?

Road traffic accidents are possibly the most common. If you were not the driver who caused the problem, then it is really unfortunate to have your holiday ruined in such a way. But whatever the problem, if you have suffered an accident and injury at the seaside and it is clear to you that it was caused by the negligence or actions of a third party, you could claim compensation.

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