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Work accident claims process

There are various situations, that can cause a work accident. Our solicitors are experts in helping individuals claiming compensation for their injuries. Call us now on freephone 0800 083 5045.

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Employer Workplace Requirements, What Your Employer Must Do

Workplace requirements

Employers have to fulfil certain workplace requirements to prevent accidents from happening. Our solicitors are experts in helping individuals claiming compensation for their injuries. Call us now on freephone 0800 083 5045.

Your employer’s legal duty of care

Your employer has to follow a set of regulations called the “Six Pack” to comply with the health and safety regulations and to prevent accidents from happening. They comprise the following regulations:

  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999: the main set of regulations
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations: Handling heavy or awkward loads
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations: Safe use of computer screens and keyboards
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations: Environments people are asked to work in
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations: Suitability of equipment in the workplace
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations: Use of protective equipment

These regulations are essential to your compensation claim. They make it possible to prove negligence on your behalf.

Employer’s liability insurance

Your employer is legally obliged to have employer’s liability insurance. This policy is intended to ensure that compensation can be paid to any employee who suffered an accident or illness as a result of their job. The only exceptions are:

  • Public service employers such as the NHS, Government departments and passenger transport executives
  • Family firms, where all of the employees are related, except when they are Limited companies
  • Businesses that only employ the owner, or a single employee abroad

Public liability insurance

Unlike employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance is optional. However, many employers who interact with customers on a daily basis choose to have public liability insurance. It protects businesses from compensation claims by members of the public and usually covers the following:

  • Injuries in and around your property
  • Property damage
  • Legal expenses

Your rights after an accident at work

If you have suffered an accident at work you have the right to claim compensation from your employer’s liability insurance. Your employer is not allowed to dismiss you or treat you any differently because of your claim. If your employer is not accepting your right to claim compensation, contact us for free legal advice 0800 083 5045.

Your employer is also required to have an accident book on the premises and you are both required by law to record and report details of any work related accidents and injuries.

For more information about your rights, read “Injured at Work: What Are My Rights?”

*Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/accident-book.htm

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