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Steps to prevent a working at height injury

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Steps to prevent a working at height injury, is it too late for you?

If you’ve had a fall from a height in your workplace then you might be wishing steps to prevent a working at height injury had been taken by your employer.

Sadly many people are badly injured every year from accidents working at a height. In many cases, lack of training was the main cause.

Thorough training is one of the most effective steps to prevent a working at height injury. The Work at Height Regulations are in place to prevent deaths and serious injuries and should be followed by all employers.

What are the Regulations?

They apply to all situations where working at a height risks the likelihood of injury from a fall. One of the main rules is to avoid working at a height if there’s another way of getting the job done.

If there’s no choice but to go high, then the right access equipment should be used. This means proper scaffolding, work towers, scissor lifts, ladders, hoists etc.

Any work at height should be kept to a minimum, be properly planned and supervised and carried out by someone competent to do so. It goes without saying that steps to prevent a working at height injury must include risk assessments and thorough training.

How you can protect yourself

If you are aware of any lack of safety working at height then do not go up there! Report the matter to your employer and if no action is taken then go directly to the Health and Safety Executive. Details can be found online.

Never take the risk of a fall. If your employer provides proper and thorough training then make sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t get training instructions second hand. Think about the weather conditions when working up high. If it’s icy or raining then surfaces can be slippery. Do you need to wear a safety harness that’s securely anchored to stop you hitting the ground?

Accidents happen

If, despite your own efforts to stay safe, your employer’s negligence has caused you to be injured then get some legal advice. You may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Serious life-changing injuries often result from a fall from a height. You might safeguard others by making a claim while getting some justice for yourself.

The best people to help you are the experienced personal injury lawyers at Accident Advice Helpline. All clients receive our no win no fee service. This means no financial stress to add to your problems.

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Great - Trustscore 4.7/5 based on 733 reviews

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