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Hazards in the workplace: overloaded sockets

Sometimes some of the simplest of hazards in the workplace can cause work-related injury or illness, such as overloaded sockets.

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Problems caused by overloaded sockets

A power point overload occurs when you exceed the maximum amperage of an electrical circuit, or, in laymen's terms, when you put too many plugs into sockets.

When you overload sockets, you are in danger of the power point overheating and causing a fire, which can cause occupational injuries and illness such as burns, respiratory problems and death.

Overloading sockets: Preventing electrical fires

  • Restrict the current from all appliances using the adapter to 13 amps or 3,000 watts of power
  • Only use one extension/adapter per socket
  • Do not use adapters on adapters
  • Use lead adapters rather than socket-block adapters
  • Replace standard lead adapters with switch lead adapters which enable you to turn off each appliance individually to minimise current flow

Is your employer responsible for your accident at work?

It is a legal obligation for your employer to ensure your health and safety while at work to minimise the risk of workplace injury and illness as a consequence of work-related tasks.

When you sustain an injury or illness due to employer negligence, they have failed in their legal duty of care, and therefore can be held liable for the harm and distress you have endured.

Work-related personal injury claims can be complex, and it is always advisable to seek legal assistance from a law firm, such as Accident Advice Helpline.

Accident Advice Helpline

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