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Consequences of poor workplace safety practices

Here we explain the consequences of poor workplace safety practices. Call Accident Advice Helpline today for free advice about claiming compensation.

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The consequences of poor workplace safety practices

Every workplace should always be safe to work in. This is generally the case, but the consequences of poor workplace safety practices can be only too easy to see in some situations. These consequences can range from mild injuries caused by incidents that should never have occurred, to very serious injuries that can put the life of the person affected in jeopardy.

While no one would ever want anything like this to happen, there are cases where employers have shirked their duties with regard to health and safety laws and procedures. Thankfully, such cases are immensely rare, as most employers do everything they can to protect everyone who works for them, whatever their role might be.

What might the consequences be?

Imagine working at height without scaffolding, proper barriers or the right tools. In any of these cases, an accident could potentially happen, especially if no risk assessment on the job was done prior to it beginning. Another example might be that no real workplace training is provided to those who need it. In this case, a lack of training could well increase the odds of something going wrong. Workers would not be aware of potential dangers, much less where they lie.

In turn, the consequences of an accident could potentially be far-reaching for those affected. Injuries may heal in time, but in the meantime the worker may be unable to do their job, and may lose out financially as a result. They may also suffer psychological consequences that may affect other parts of their lives as well.

What should you do if something like this has happened to you?

Suffering any sort of accident at work is never going to be a good experience. However, you may find you have injuries that were caused by another person and not by your own actions. If this can be proven to have been the case, you could have a good opportunity to make a claim for compensation following the consequences of poor workplace safety practices.

If you are struggling to figure out where to begin, don’t worry. Just call 0800 083 5045 to learn more. This number puts you straight through to the team at Accident Advice Helpline, where one of our friendly advisors could be just who you need to speak to. With our help, you could potentially have a greater chance of making a No Win No Fee claim.

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