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Can I Claim for Tripping Over Wires or Cables at Work?

If you’ve tripped over wires or cables and been injured in the workplace, find out how much you could claim with Accident Advice Helpline.

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Safety in the workplace

The most common causes of workplace injuries include slips, trips and falls. They are also the most preventable cause of workplace accidents.

Tripping over trailing cables and wires at work can lead to serious injuries. Wires need to be properly managed and if allowed to trail across office and factory floors, they can pose a safety risk to workers.

If this has happened to you, you may be eligible to claim compensation for tripping over wires at work.

Making a compensation claim for tripping over wires at work

An example of such a situation would be if a contractor has come to your offices to upgrade the computer system, and left without securing or tidying up any cables. If this results in you tripping over the wires and injuring yourself, you could make a claim.

Whatever the cause of the accident, there are certain actions you should take following an accident at work that will help you later on when making a compensation claim. These are as follows:

  • Make sure you receive medical attention for your injury.
  • Report the accident to your employer and record it in the accident book.
  • Take photos of the area where the accident occurred; for example, take photos of the untidy wires that caused you to trip.
  • Speak to any witnesses and make sure to get their details. They can verify your story later on.
  • Find the right solicitor to handle your claim.

Call Accident Advice Helpline

We offer a free, 24-hour legal helpline. A friendly legal advisor will walk you through the entire claims process and help you understand what to expect when making a claim of this nature. The adviser will discuss the details of your accident with you in order to properly answer the question: can I claim for tripping over wires at work?

You will then be provided with the best lawyer to handle your claim. If you are concerned about how much this will cost, you need not be. All of our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, so starting your claim for tripping over wires at work will not cost you anything.

In the meantime, if you would like an idea of what your claim might be worth, try our test at the top of the page. It will only take you 30 seconds to complete.

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No Win No Fee

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