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Neck injury claims

If you’ve suffered a neck injury due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help. Specialising in neck injury compensation claims, we’ll help you get the support you need - get in touch today.

Neck injury claim information and advice

If you have any questions or need expert advice about accident claims and compensation for your neck injury claim, talk to one of our friendly, legally trained advisors now, on 0800 689 5659.

Do you have a neck injury?

If you have a neck injury you need the right help, tailored to your situation. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for this help, or chase around trying to find the right specialist. Making a claim for compensation might seem like extra hassle, but compensation can help ease the stress, covering medical costs, loss of earnings, housing and travel costs, and continuing care, and compensating you for the pain and suffering. If you suffer a more serious neck injury, it can help you adapt your home, car and way of life.

We make it as simple as possible to get the right advice and help, with just one free phone call. Our support will help you to recover more quickly.

Neck injuries can be debilitating. Whiplash, commonly the result of a road collision, may leave you with limited mobility, unable to work. A fracture to the vertebrae, arising from a sudden movement to your neck, may have much more serious consequences.

Sadly, some neck injuries are so serious that they cause permanent disabilities.

Get the right treatment for a neck injury

It’s essential to seek medical attention promptly after your injury occurs. Symptoms of a neck injury may include headaches, dizziness, vision problems, limited mobility, pain and stiffness, pins and needles in the arms, and numbness. As your neck is connected to head, back, shoulders and arms, the pain and discomfort can be widespread. Damage to bones and spinal cord may bring permanent or temporary paralysis of the torso and limbs.

Neck injury may occur through a car accident, playing sports, or work-related events. Whiplash affects the soft tissue of the neck, as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments. In serious neck injuries, the neck bones (vertebrae) and large nerve running down the spinal column (spinal cord) may be damaged.

Often, symptoms get better with time. Most people recover from whiplash within a few weeks, though a milder soft-tissue injury could need physiotherapy treatment. Treatment for serious neck injuries may require an extended stay in a hospital and perhaps a specialist rehabilitation unit.

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Why make a neck injury claim?

Treating a neck injury may be a lengthy process. It can cost time and money to put things right, and you might need to depend on someone else to help you. If you have to take time off work after your accident, for treatment or to recover, you may be able to claim compensation for loss of earnings. This could help you and your family to cope financially.

You might not feel it’s worth making a compensation claim for a neck injury. Perhaps you are not sure who was at fault for your accident. You might even believe that by declaring an injury you could lose your job.

But if someone else was liable for your accident, and you sustained an injury as a result, you are fully entitled to make a claim for compensation.

If you can show your employer was negligent and could have done more to keep you safe, then you can claim compensation, if the accident happened in the last three years. Usually, your employer’s liability insurance will cover any compensation award, so no one loses out.

How do you start a claim?

It’s simple and free to find out if you can claim. Just call one of our friendly legal advisors on 0800 689 5659, who will tell you if we can help. We’ll let you know whether you can make a claim, but we won’t pressure you to take action. We can give advice, put you in touch with experts who can help, and guide you through the steps of making a successful claim.

We will help you pull together everything you need to support your claim and lead you through each step. There is no complicated paperwork, and it will not cost you anything. Our personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee** basis. Whatever the outcome, our policy means you won’t be out of pocket.

We take the burden and do the hard work for you. To find out more, contact us on 0800 689 5659.

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As one of the UK’s leading compensation claim specialists, we work for thousands of people who have been injured through no fault of their own. We will help you make a successful compensation claim and get you the right support to aid your recovery.

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