With these simple but effective pieces of advice, you should hopefully avoid suffering injury in any way that might require you to seek the services of a traffic accident lawyer.

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An astonishing 33% of fatal road accidents in the UK involve drivers and passengers that are not wearing their seatbelt. It has been a legal requirement since 1983 to wear one, and for good reason. Without wearing a seatbelt, you are endangering the lives of not only yourself but others around you, and leaving everyone exposed to a greater risk of serious injury, which could require the services of a traffic accident lawyer. In the event of a high speed accident, it is the one person who is not wearing a belt that will cause the most damage, as their unrestrained body essentially acts like a wrecking ball.

The humble seatbelt has never been improved upon and is the most basic and essential form of road safety equipment. Even the numerous other pieces of safety equipment with which modern cars are fitted are still made infinitely safer if the humble seatbelt is worn.

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Having said all this, if it isn’t worn properly it can’t do its job effectively.

The British Osteopathic Association (BOA) estimates that 13% of drivers wear their belt incorrectly. Its lower part should rest on the pelvic bones and not on the stomach to prevent severe internal injuries. Its upper component should rest on the shoulder as opposed to hovering over it. This is why most seatbelts are height-adjustable. Sitting too far behind the belt leads to a greater risk of ‘submarining’, i.e. slipping under the belt should you be involved in one of the inevitable accidents which could leave you in need of a traffic accident lawyer.

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