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What is the average payout for a slip or fall? - Accident Advice Helpline

Determining the average payout for a slip or fall is actually very difficult, but you can get a personalised estimate when you call our free UK helpline.

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What is the average payout for a slip or fall?

Is there such a thing as an average payout for a slip or fall? These are among the more common things that can happen to anyone, and they can occur in a variety of situations:

  • At work
  • In a public place
  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • At any time of the year, although winter presents more obvious hazards

A Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimated that around 19% of non-fatal injuries in the workplace are slips or trips. Falls can be particularly dangerous, since just over a quarter of fatalities in the workplace were due to a fall from height.

Understanding the average payout for a slip or fall?

The average payout for a slip or fall would depend on several factors. Injuries can vary from serious ones to those that are very minor. For example, it would be very easy to suffer nothing more than the odd bruise and scratch from a slip or fall. Conversely, injuries can be far more serious, including broken bones, internal bleeding and head and back injuries. A lot would depend on how the person fell, whether they could break their fall and the distance they fell from, in the case of a fall. While it’s easy to fall over after slipping and losing your balance, falls on the same level are not usually as serious as those that may occur from height.

Which industries might see greater occurrences of a slip or a fall?

Some industries see greater numbers of employees wanting to know the average payout for a slip or fall. While only 900 people suffered such injuries in the water supply and waste industry in 2013-14, the rate per 100,000 employees was measured at 444.1 people – by far the highest in all the industries looked at. At the other end of the scale, the number of people suffering from these situations in the health and social care industry was much higher, at 4,025 people. However, the greater number of people working in this industry meant the rate per 100,000 employees was lower than that for the water supply and waste industry – just 109.1 for every 100,000 employees.

The average payout for a slip or fall would be good to know. However, it is important to recognise this figure may not relate at all to your own situation. The average payout for a slip or fall is calculated by taking all the compensation awards for this injury, adding them together and then dividing them by the total number of awards granted. Therefore, the lowest amount could be very different from the highest amount. As such, the average amount is only helpful to a certain extent.

Staying safe in the winter months

Even in the mildest winter, we may have days when we go out in icy or snowy conditions. Both can lead to slippery surfaces, and that increases the chances of suffering a slip or a fall. Statistics for English hospitals revealed that in 2014-15, 2,919 people were admitted to hospital having slipped over or fallen in wintry weather. No matter how careful you are, you never know when you might lose your grip where you are walking.

If you suffer an accident like this, you may have an opportunity to claim compensation. If it happened on workplace premises, your employer may be found negligent for not keeping the premises clear of snow and ice and minimising the risk of slipping or falling over. Similarly, if you enter a store and the floor inside is wet because they have neglected to keep it dry in wintry weather, you may have a chance at making a claim. The best bet is to find out from a personal injury lawyer whether your situation could reasonably have been prevented, and if a third party was indeed to blame for your slip or fall.

Third-party negligence

This is the most important aspect to look at whenever a lawyer considers the odds of making a claim for compensation following a slip or a fall. At work, 40% of all major injuries are caused through slips and trips alone, without including falls. This holds true no matter whether the injuries to the affected person were mild or severe. The location where the accident happened may have been the responsibility of a third party to keep safe and clear. Here are some examples of situations where negligence might be proven:

  • A spillage was not cleaned up
  • No warning signs were put over a spillage while someone went to get the materials required to clean it up
  • A car park was covered in ice and no attempt was made to clear it with salt
  • A tiled floor was cleaned with the wrong product, making it slippery

Could we help you work out whether you can claim?

Falls alone are a major cause of injury – even more so as we get older. Approximately one in three adults over 65 will have a minimum of one fall annually. There could be many reasons for this, but if negligence is suspected to be the cause, there is an opportunity to see whether a compensation claim might be possible. Sometimes it is easy to tell you’ve been the victim of negligence, but not all slips and falls leading to injury are easy to identify in this way. Calling on someone with experience in this field is a good idea, and you are already in the right place to do that.

The team at Accident Advice Helpline can help if you call 0800 083 5045. When you do, you’ll receive no-obligation advice and more information on your own case. Knowing the average payout for a slip or fall can only take you so far – we can provide accurate information, not to mention the opportunity to be represented in a no win no fee case by one of our experienced solicitors. To begin, you can always take the online test we have created with you in mind, taking just 30 seconds to fill in.

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