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PE, slippery hallways, playgrounds, allergies and school buses. The possibilities for an accident during weekdays are almost infinite.

Our leading accident claims solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve. If you or your child has been injured in a school or sports club due to someone else’s negligence, contact us today for free legal advice from our expert solicitors.

No Win No Fee school and sports club accident claim Solicitors

Almost all of our school and sports club accident cases are conducted on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning we only take a fee if we win compensation on your behalf, therefore there is no financial risk to you.

School and sports club accident explained

Schools and sports clubs alike have to follow guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive:

  • Hazards or spillages have to be cleared quickly.
  • Hazards or spillages have to be marked.
  • Equipment that could cause harm has to be maintained properly.

They also have to ensure that all kids are safe on the schoolground as well as on their way home, if they are travelling in a school bus.

Most common causes and types of school and sports club accidents

There are different ways you or your child can get injured during school or in a sports club. Most commonly, we help customers with the following accidents:

  • Slips: where spilled liquids haven’t been cleaned in time, e.g. in the bathroom, the showers, the cafeteria or in the classroom
  • Trips: where shelves stick out or boxes or trolleys are left lying around.
  • Defective sports equipment: where sports equipment wasn’t properly maintained, instructions were unclear or supervision was insufficient.
  • School bus: where the children have not been supervised properly or where accident was caused due to the negligence of the driver.
  • Bullying: While the school cannot be held responsible for every injury resulting from bullying, it may be found negligent if it was not supervising the children properly at the time of the incident or if it did not take action against bullying, even though being aware of the problem.

These and other accidents can cause different injuries, such as:

What can I claim for?

If your child experienced an injury from an accident in a school or sports club and it was due to someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • Physiotherapy

Can I claim against the parents of the pupil who bullied my child?

Yes, if your child is suffering major injuries or illnesses from being bullied, your claim can be made against the bully or their parents depending on the age of the bully. If your school is partly responsible, it could be a joint compensation claim against two parties. We want to help you and your family to overcome this difficult time. Contact us for more information and to establish your full legal position.

How much can I claim for a school or sports club accident?

It completely depends on your injury and the impact it has on your life. If the injury was caused due to someone else’s negligence, your claim for pain and suffering could be worth several thousands of pounds. For more information call us on freephone 0800 083 5045 or try our online claims calculator.

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