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What to do if you get food poisoning in flight?

Getting ill while travelling is unpleasant, but contracting food poisoning in flight is without doubt one of the worst experiences a traveller can suffer.

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Dealing with in-flight food poisoning

Few people relish the thought of vomiting in a two-by-two lavatory located at the rear end of a plane, but when you are ill, you are ill. FAA rules state that passengers are permitted to be in the lavatory for 15 minutes before flight attendants can come knocking on the door. Alert your flight attendant to the fact that you are ill and they will monitor you to ensure you are alright, take care of you and even allow you to bend this 15-minute-rule.

Other helpful advice

In order to stay hydrated, drink as much water as you can hold down, but avoid sugary drinks like fruit juice or soda, as they counteract hydration. Medical personnel typically recommend trying to eat fairly normal as soon as you can, so ask the flight attendant for some pretzels or crackers. Should turbulences have you stuck in the seat, grab your sickness bag and hope it will be over soon, as there is little else you can do in this situation. After landing, try to get your body regulated back to normal by stocking up on sports drinks.

Make a claim

Food poisoning, like slips, trips and falls, is preventable. If you suffer food poisoning after consuming contaminated food or drinks abroad or aboard a plane, you may qualify for personal injury compensation, This applies as much to food poisoning infections as it does to injuries by slips, falls or trips.

Eligibility to claim

In the first instance, contact Accident Advice Helpline and establish whether you are entitled to claim for compensation. You can do this by calling our Freephone advice line, or by visiting our website and completing the compensation calculator.

What happens next?

Once your eligibility to make a public liability claim after contracting a food poisoning infection or sustaining a slip, trip or fall injury has been established, you will be offered the services of an in-house solicitor. Backed by our law firm's 15 years' of injury claim industry experience, your appointed solicitor will handle your claim quickly, efficiently and under a conditional fee agreement.

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