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Pedestrian accident claims

Have you been involved in a pedestrian accident that was not your fault? You could be entitled to make a pedestrian accident compensation claim for your injuries. Talk to our team today!

Pedestrian accident claim information and advice

If you have any questions or need expert advice about accident claims and compensation for your pedestrian accident claim, talk to one of our friendly, legally trained advisors now, on 0800 689 5659.

Have you had an accident as a pedestrian?

When you’re knocked over on the road, it can be traumatic and painful, even life-changing.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident and sustained an injury, you need the right help, tailored to your situation. When the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences, or chase around trying to find the right specialist help.

Making a claim for compensation might seem like extra hassle, but compensation can really help to ease the stress, covering medical costs, loss of earnings, housing and travel costs, and continuing care. It will also help to compensate you for your pain and suffering. If you suffer a more serious injury, it can help you adapt your home, car and way of life.

Pedestrian accidents are common, especially among older people and children, and outside schools. Children do run into the road without looking, but accidents often occur when drivers speed, are distracted by a mobile phone, or are over the limit.

Some injuries such as cuts and bruises may be minor. Others, such as brain injury, can cause long-lasting disability. If a moving vehicle hits you, the physical and psychological impact may be considerable. We can also help you to make a claim on someone else’s behalf.

We make it simple to get the right advice and help, with just one free phone call. Our support will help you to recover more quickly.

First things first after your pedestrian accident

If you or someone you know has been in an accident, it’s important to gather as many details as possible at an early stage. These include:

  • Names, addresses and registration plates of other parties involved (if you are injured, the police should take details of all parties)
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident
  • Photos of the vehicles involved and the road conditions, if relevant
  • Photos of your own injuries

It’s essential to seek medical attention and diagnosis quickly after your injury occurs. This will increase the chances of treating it in the best way. If you make a claim for compensation, details taken down at the time may help support your case. Even without this, you can still make a claim.

Why claim for a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian accidents can be very traumatic. No one expects to be hit by a car, and accidents that involve children are especially distressing.

Recovering might be a lengthy process. It can cost time and money to put things right. If injuries are minor, you might not feel it’s worth making a compensation claim. But if someone else was liable for the accident, and injury was sustained as a result, you are fully entitled to make a claim for compensation. This could help you and your family to cope financially.

If you lose a limb in a serious pedestrian accident, and are left unable to work, you could claim for loss of earnings, medical costs and care, now and in the future. The more serious your injuries, the more compensation you may be entitled to receive.

For injuries that are especially serious, interim payments may be given if you cannot cover the immediate costs of an injury. For example, you may need to relocate your family to live near the hospital you are in, or cover outgoings when your income is cut.

When children are involved in road accidents, compensation may help ensure they get the ongoing help and support they need. This could cover the time you, as a parent or guardian, need to take off work to look after your child.

The severity of your injury is important, but so are impacts on your life and family. If an injury changes your day-to-day routine, even temporarily, you could claim compensation. When you start a claim, we can also help to get the rehabilitation you need.

Can you make a claim with a pedestrian injury?

We can help with a wide range of pedestrian accidents. You may be able to make a claim if you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Did the accident happen within the last three years?
  • Did someone else cause the accident?
  • Did you suffer injury?

Usually, if another driver or other third party causes you injury, you can claim.

Sometimes the person responsible for an accident is not insured. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau covers this type of claim. It also covers claims for hit-and-run accidents, including those in which a driver can’t be traced. If your injury arose in this way, we may be able to help.

Call us on 0800 689 5659, and one of our friendly, legally trained advisors will answer all your questions and tell you if you can make a claim.

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