18 hours agoPublic Liability5Sorted over the phone and was guided by a person to make sure was done properly.
18 hours agoAccident at Work5Great service
18 hours agoRoad Traffic Accident Cyclist5They provided a quick and good response to my accident,taking every detail
2 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Is very good
2 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5I have rated them 5 stars as the experience from start to now (Claim still ongoing) has been first class. If I ever need to use them again, and hopefully I don't as I am not planning on being involved in another accident. I would urge anyone reading this to give them a call. They will take the pain out of any accident you have been involved in. I don't usually leave reviews but I am seriously impressed with how these guys have helped me. Nothing has been to much trouble. For example: All communication has been clear and documented throughout I have a point of contact that updates me and is available to answer any questions I have. I asked for a Hire car with Sat Nav. The car turned up without it, they have arranged for a new vehicle to be delivered to my work. The new vehicle turned up and was a petrol model. This causes a problem as I do lots of miles but they have agreed to pay the difference it will cost in extra fuel that will be used as the vehicle is not diesel. If I could give them 10 stars I would.
3 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Cyclist5Very helpful
4 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Very quick and friendly
4 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Cyclist5Very responsive and efficient so far
4 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Passenger5Very helpful and understanding would definitely recommend to others in same situation
4 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Yes
5 days agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Was involded in a RTA which wasnt my fault and AAH sorted me a hire car which was similar to mine the very next day. 👍👍👍👍
1 week agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5They’re helpful
1 week agoAccident at Work5Service was excellent
2 weeks agoPublic Liability4i thought they were very helpful and proffessional, if i had a complaint it was they were a little pushy wanted answers straightaway
2 weeks agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Great service all round very professional a really big help to me and my family
2 weeks agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver4Very professional, great customer service, regular updates.
2 weeks agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Super service, makes the claim very easy since everything is explained very clear and they take good care of you, would recommend it to everyone
2 weeks agoAccident at Work5Great service
2 weeks agoRoad Traffic Accident Driver5Fast,efficient and professional team
2 weeks agoPublic Liability5Really good service was kept up to date what was happening.

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