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Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time explained

Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time explained by Accident Advice Helpline. We may be able to help you claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time explained

Did you know sprained ankles are divided into three categories? These are simply labelled as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. As you might guess, the Grade 1 sprain is the mildest of the three, although of course, it doesn’t mean it isn’t still painful. The Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time you can expect to go through is around a week to 10 days.

When you are confirmed as having a Grade 1 sprain, you will only have suffered minor damage to one or more ligaments in your ankle. This is good news, because it means the recovery will be far shorter than it would be for a Grade 2 or a Grade 3 sprain.

What should you expect from the Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time?

You’ll still have suffered damage to the ligaments in your ankle in this instance, so you can still expect your ankle to be painful to walk on. You’ll spot some swelling in the joint, too. As such, you will want to rest it in the early stages.

The usual treatment for any sprain is called RICE. You may already know this stands for resting the ankle, icing it to help reduce any swelling, compressing the joint by way of applying a bandage, and finally, elevating it. This too helps to reduce the swelling. You should rest the joint as much as possible immediately after the accident. By following these steps, the recovery may be faster than it would otherwise be. Remember, you won’t be able to run or do any activities with the ankle sprain, but you should be able to walk, albeit more gingerly than usual.

Are you due compensation for your sprain?

People with sprained ankles have successfully claimed compensation in the past, but they must always prove a third party was negligent in creating the circumstances in which they sprained their ankle.

The same applies to you, too. If you have been through the Grade 1 sprained ankle recovery time and you now want to speak to someone about claiming, try calling Accident Advice Helpline to speak to an advisor now. This is easily done on 0800 083 5045. It’s the best way to ensure you can get access to legal advice under no obligation, and to see whether a claim is now possible.

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