When was the last time you tripped in a public place? Perhaps as recently as yesterday when you popped into town for your groceries and newspaper? Accidents in a public place are often overlooked as natural everyday incidents that are entirely your fault by maybe not looking where you are going. However in many cases there could potentially be a claim for compensation which you are unaware of. Claims in Corby can be made if any accident happens which is not your fault, this includes that trip you had yesterday.

High street hazards

Tripping over a loose slab on the local high street is a cause for a compensation claim. Though you may not know who you need to claim against your solicitor dealing with claims in Corby will be able to find out on your behalf. Every high street has a responsible party, which is often the local council. It is their responsibility to ensure that the public footpaths are safe to use for the general public.

Loose slabs, or missing slabs, can be seen as negligence if left unmarked or highlighted, so if you have an accident from that hazard you could be entitled to some compensation for your injuries.

Making claims in Corby from a public place

Although you may be in considerable pain after your accident on the high street there is a silver lining by being in a public place when the accident happens. Having witnesses who saw what happened can always come in handy when building a successful claim for compensation.

Eye witness accounts are beneficial to claims in Corby as they can provide details you may not be aware of as you were too busy with your injuries at the time. Any small detail that can be confirmed or corroborated by independent eye witnesses can help you to win the case for compensation. During the process of your claim the solicitor you use will contact the witnesses from the accident to gather their statements to accompany your case file.

If you’re unsure whether your accident on the high street has a case for a compensation claim give us a call on our freephone number today. Our team of friendly advisers will help you to understand the course of action you can take and guide you to one of our specialists. Call us today to start claiming on 0800 689 0500.

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