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Are you a bad driver?

It takes motorists just 10 weeks to become a ‘bad driver’ after passing their test, according to research. A study of 2,000 motorists found the average driver starts letting bad habits creep in after less than three months on the road. And one in 10 admitted they started developing dodgy driving habits just two weeks … Continued

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Are you a backseat driver?

Gasping loudly when the driver brakes, complaining about speed and stamping on an imaginary brake are the signs of typical ‘backseat driver’, it was revealed yesterday. Criticising the driver’s decisions, flinching when they appear to drive too close to the car in front and commenting when it is time to leave the junction only serve … Continued

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Mirror – Signal – Panic

Parallel parking has been revealed as the nation’s trickiest driving manoeuvre, according to a study. The slow, slight and precise movement, and the two words every learner driver dreads to hear, emerged top from a poll of 2,000 UK motorists. And when searching for a spot, drivers are happy to drive almost a hundred metres … Continued

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Rage in a cage

Leeds has been revealed as the road rage capital of the UK, according to research. From a poll of 2,000 UK drivers, it emerged that 65 per cent of Leeds residents have suffered anger on the roads – with nearly one in 10 saying it happens “often”. Seven in 10 motorists in Leeds also admit … Continued

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Families Will Travel A Huge 302 Miles During The Festive Period

Families will travel a mammoth 302 miles during the Christmas period, a study found. The research of 2,000 adults revealed the festive mileage is made up of trips to the shops for presents, supermarket for Christmas dinner and going to events such as the pantomime. In addition, 116 miles will be travelled to see friends, … Continued

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