Being injured in a car accident can be very distressing, particularly if you or somebody that you love has sustained life-changing injuries. Whether you were the driver or passenger of a vehicle, a cyclist, motorcyclist or even a pedestrian, you may need car accident advice if you are considering making a personal injury claim. If you sustained injuries in the accident and somebody else was to blame, you could find you are entitled to make a personal injury claim within three years of your accident.

What type of injuries could I sustain in a car accident?

If you are injured in a car accident, you could sustain injuries ranging from minor to serious and the amount of compensation you could receive will depend on the injuries you have suffered. Accident Advice Helpline has offered car accident advice to hundreds of people and helped them to claim compensation after a car accident and here are some of the most common injuries we have handled claims for:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Crush injuries such as broken ribs
  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Cuts and bruises

The good news is that if somebody else caused your accident, then you can claim compensation for even minor injuries, provided you sought medical attention for them. Many people actually don’t realise this and miss out on making a claim as they assume their injuries will not be serious enough.

I’m worried about the cost of making a personal injury claim – is it expensive?

If you make a claim with a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t offer a no-win, no-fee* service, then the costs of claiming can quickly mount up, and there are no guarantees that your claim will be successful. What’s more, you may be suffering financially after your accident – for example, you may be affected by lost earnings if you have taken time off work due to your injuries, so affording legal fees can be a struggle. This is why it is a good idea to find a personal injury lawyer who provides a 100% no-win, no-fee* service, like Accident Advice Helpline.

Our personal injury lawyers have over 16 years’ experience and we don’t charge any upfront fees, plus we have a great track record of success. This means we will only agree to handle your claim if we think there is a good chance it will be successful. All car accident advice we offer is provided free and on a no-obligation basis.

How do I know who’s to blame after my accident?

If you are injured in an accident on the UK’s roads, you may be able to determine who is at fault for the accident from the police report. The police will attend all accidents where injuries have occurred, whether you were injured as a pedestrian, driver or passenger. If you are still unsure who is at fault for your accident and you are considering making a claim for personal injury compensation, you should get in touch with us as soon as possible after your accident for car accident advice. We will be able to discuss what has happened with you in more detail and let you know who is at fault for your accident, as well as telling you whether or not you are eligible to make a personal injury claim and offering you car accident advice.

Can I claim compensation for a whiplash injury?

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents. It’s an injury to the soft tissues, tendons and ligaments of the neck which occurs when the head and neck is jolted suddenly forwards and then backwards at the point of impact during a car accident. Although it’s considered to be a relatively minor injury, whiplash can be debilitating and it’s likely that you’ll need some time off work to recover from your injuries. In some cases, whiplash symptoms can persist for months, even years, and this chronic whiplash can cause pain and suffering which can seriously affect your quality of life.

You might find you’re unable to sleep properly, causing anxiety and depression, or even go to work and do your job. Accident Advice Helpline has helped hundreds of members of the public to claim compensation for whiplash injuries, and we can use this experience to help you get the compensation you are entitled to if you have suffered this type of injury, so call us today for car accident advice.

What about compensation for cuts and bruises?

Although it’s true that you can claim personal injury compensation for minor injuries, you do need to have sought medical attention for your injuries. So if you have sustained a suspected concussion and some lacerations, you may visit A&E or see your GP for a diagnosis. In this case, you should be able to make a personal injury claim.

However, if you have simply sustained some bruises and didn’t seek medical attention after your car accident, it is unlikely that you will be able to make a personal injury claim. This is because we will need to see evidence of your injuries – usually in the form of a medical report prepared by your doctor – in order to process your claim and get you compensation.

Can I claim compensation if somebody else has been injured or killed?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to make a personal injury claim on behalf of somebody else. Perhaps your partner or child has been seriously injured in a car accident and you are acting on their behalf to claim the personal injury compensation they are entitled to. Or maybe a family member has been killed, either whilst driving a vehicle or even whilst crossing the road as a pedestrian. If this has happened then you may be able to make a claim for compensation within three years of their accident.

We know that this can be a distressing and difficult time, but it is our aim to support you and make the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible, so you can trust us to provide you with car accident advice and support if the worst has happened.

What should I do after my accident?

There are a number of things you can do after a car accident to improve your chances of making a successful personal injury claim. The first thing that anybody should do if they are injured is to get medical attention, if required. This may mean going to A&E, visiting your local minor injuries unit or seeing your GP. This ensures that you’ll get a proper diagnosis and the treatment that you need to start you on the road to recovery. If you have been injured whilst driving for work, you should ensure that you let your employer know about your accident, as they will need to record details of it. If possible, you should try to also do the following:

  • Take some pictures of the vehicles involved and the scene of the accident, documenting the location and any damage to vehicles
  • Photograph your injuries
  • Take details for anyone else involved in the accident and notes on their injuries
  • Take details of any witnesses to the accident
  • Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer for car accident advice

Whilst photographs of your injuries and the scene of the accident are not essential in order to make a claim for personal injury compensation, they can come in handy to prove what has happened, and are often more reliable than your memory of the accident.

How much compensation could I claim for a car accident?

Accident Advice Helpline’s advisors are often asked this question when we give car accident advice, and it is really difficult for us to answer it with any certainty. That’s because every personal injury claim is so different and we process every claim on an individual basis. Even two claims for whiplash could be very different, for example if one person recovered from their injuries within a few weeks, whilst the other person suffered from ongoing pain and symptoms for a number of months after their accident.

When you get in touch with us, our advisors will ask you some questions relating to your accident, as there are a number of factors we need to take into consideration when working out your personal injury settlement, including:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How your injuries have impacted your life
  • How much time you have taken off work to recover
  • Whether you are able to return to work and your usual activities
  • What treatment you have needed
  • Any financial losses you have suffered, including loss of earnings

Many people decide to make a claim for personal injury compensation after a car accident due to loss of earnings, and you get an idea of how much you could claim right now by taking the 30-second test on our website, although this is just a rough idea of what you could be entitled to.

Do I need to claim compensation for loss of earnings after my accident?

You don’t have to include loss of earnings as part of your personal injury claim, but if your earnings have been affected by taking time off after your accident then we recommend you do. It’s likely you’ll be eligible to claim statutory sick pay from your employer if you are employed and need to take time off, but this usually only accounts for a fraction of your wages and is only payable for two months. If you have sustained more serious injuries and need to take longer off work, you could find yourself struggling financially.

Making a personal injury claim means that you could be compensated for any earnings you have lost as a result of your injuries – and if somebody else was responsible for your car accident, then you are entitled to claim this.

Why should you choose Accident Advice Helpline to handle your claim?

There are plenty of personal injury lawyers out there, so why should you choose us to handle your claim if you’ve been injured in a car accident? Well, for a start we have been helping members of the public to claim compensation for a wide range of accidents and injuries since 2000. Our network of lawyers covers the whole of the UK, and we work with specialists across a range of different accident types – so if you need a lawyer to handle your car accident claim or accident at work claim, we will have somebody with the relevant experience, giving your claim a much better chance of success.

As well as all this, we don’t charge any upfront fees, as we believe anybody should be able to afford to make a claim. All car accident advice we offer is provided on a no-obligation basis, which means that there is absolutely no pressure to proceed with a claim at any point.

What happens next?

You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us, as it’s free to call us from a landline and we’ll be happy to talk you through what happens next. You could be eligible to receive a substantial amount of compensation after your accident, and the only way to find out is to call us and get car accident advice from our expert team of advisors and personal injury lawyers.

If you have any questions about the claims process, you can call us on a no-obligation basis to get answers and car accident advice. If you do decide to proceed with a claim, we’ll start gathering evidence to give your claim the best possible chances of success – things like the police accident report and your medical report, as well as details of any financial losses you have suffered. Hopefully your claim won’t end up in court – in fact, most claims can be processed over the phone, so going to court is unlikely – but if it does, we will be there to support you.

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