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Wrist injury claim

Most of us never think too much about our wrists, but they have a vital job to do in helping us move our hands and complete various tasks. There are lots of things we couldn’t do if we injured one of our wrists, but we only find that out once the injury occurs. Not all wrist injuries will lead to a chance to make a wrist injury claim, of course, but here we will find out more about how you might injure your wrist, and whether you could claim anything if you have.

A wrist injury can be problematic as it may hamper the use of that hand, too. If you’re wondering how you could develop a wrist injury, the answer is that it could happen in many ways. However, for a wrist injury claim to be a possibility, you must be able to prove another party was negligent in creating the situation whereby the injury could occur. We’ll find out more about that here.

How might you hurt your wrist to begin with?

Slips, trips, and falls are common accidents to have. Most of us have had at least one such accident in our lives, even if we didn’t hurt ourselves when it happened. If you lose your balance or fall in some manner, the reaction most of us would have is to try and fling our hands out in front of us to break our fall. If we didn’t, we may land on a hip, or even strike our face or head on the ground.

For example, if you trip and fall while out and about, you’ll try to break your fall by putting out your hands. You won’t even think about doing it. It will very likely just happen. You may then notice the symptoms of a wrist injury can include pain and swelling in one or both wrists, as you could easily break a bone by doing this.

A fall from height, perhaps at work, might also lead to wrist injuries. You’ll feel pain to begin with, but swelling, an inability to move the affected wrist, and possibly even bleeding if a bone breaks through the skin, can all occur.

Was someone else at fault?

It is always worth asking whether the accident was just ‘one of those things’, and should be chalked up to bad luck, or whether someone else caused it to happen. If the latter can be proven to be true, you have a chance to explore whether a wrist injury claim could end in receiving compensation for your injuries.

Now, you may be wondering how you can work out if negligence was to blame. Let’s look at some examples. If the pavement you were walking along was in poor condition and hadn’t been repaired, this might amount to negligent behaviour.

It’s not just slips, trips, and falls, though – you may have been knocked off your bike while riding along, by someone who wasn’t taking proper care and hit you with their vehicle. If this was their fault, and you broke your wrist falling off your bike, you could make a strong wrist injury claim.

What to do next

Treating a wrist injury will be a priority, because it allows you to find out what you have done. Even if you only suffered bruising, and perhaps a sprain, you might still be able to make a compensation claim. After all, the long-term effects of a wrist injury can be felt for some time afterwards, and may prevent you from undertaking all kinds of regular tasks.

Some wrist injuries may potentially occur at work. For instance, if you are not taught how to lift things properly, you could develop a wrist injury through incorrect use or overuse. This could mean your employer has been negligent, and that may give you a chance to claim. As such, it is important to recognise not all wrist injuries happen in a split-second in an accident. Some may occur through overuse over a much longer period, yet they could still have been caused by negligence.

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Claiming for a wrist injury may sound like a lot of hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Indeed, many people are surprised at how smooth and trouble-free most claims are. You will also learn the cost of claiming for a wrist injury isn’t something to worry about, as our claims are all handled on a no win no fee basis. That gives you the freedom to learn more about making a wrist injury claim if you have had this sort of injury in the past three years, and you suspect there is a good opportunity for you to make a claim. It’s easy to get answers to your questions if you speak to the right people, and our experts are only a phone call away.

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