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What is a workplace accident definition?

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a workplace accident definition is “an event that results in injury or ill health.” This means anything that occurs at work which leads to illness or injury could be classed as a workplace accident, so this term could cover a wider range of things than you thought possible. If you have been injured or made ill due to an accident or event at work, you could be entitled to personal injury compensation, and Accident Advice Helpline will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. You can get in touch with us within three years of your accident for advice from our expert team.

Can I claim compensation?

Because a workplace accident definition covers such as broad range of things, we thought we’d give a few examples of the types of situations you could make a claim for personal injury compensation for. Since 2000, Accident Advice Helpline has helped people claim for a wide range of accidents, illnesses and injuries in the workplace, including:

  • Development of asbestosis or mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos
  • Development of other conditions related to asbestos exposure
  • HAVS from using vibrating equipment
  • Work-related stress or other mental health conditions such as anxiety
  • Noise-related hearing loss from not wearing proper ear protection at work
  • Skin conditions from exposure to hazardous chemicals without proper protection
  • Eye injuries, for example when working as a welder and not wearing appropriate eye protection
  • Food poisoning after eating in the work canteen

Some of these injuries and illnesses are not necessarily the type of things you would associate with a personal injury claim – for example work-related stress. But you are entitled to make a claim for anything which has affected your health and was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

After reading the workplace accident definition, who’s to blame?

With a workplace accident definition covering a wide range of illnesses and injuries, it can often be tricky pinpointing who is to blame. Usually your employer is the one who could be held liable if you’re injured or made ill as a result of your work. For example if you are signed off with work-related stress, it may have been caused by staff shortages or unrealistic demands from your employer.

Accident Advice Helpline will investigate your case thoroughly and process your claim to get you the compensation you deserve, however you have been injured. You can call us today on 0800 689 5659 to get advice from one of our advisors, or get the ball rolling on your personal injury claim.