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Working at height injury claims

Working at height injury claims may result from any incident whereby someone falls while working at height. This can refer to working at any height above ground level. For example, it could relate to a fall from a few steps up on a stepladder. Conversely, it could refer to a fall someone sustains from scaffolding that is 15 or 20 feet high. Expert training for working at heights can prevent many potential accidents from occurring, which is why such training is offered to people in appropriate and relevant roles. It is your employer’s responsibility to prevent a working at height injury, and making sure everyone is trained in how to work at this level is part of the job.

Prevention is better than cure

There are many steps to prevent a working at height injury. For example, a risk assessment will look at the job that must be done, and whether it needs to involve working at height at all. Sometimes, alternative means can be found to get the job done. The risks will be assessed, and then steps will be taken to reduce those risks as much as possible. There are cases where the first thought might be to work at height, but upon further assessment, an alternative method of work is discovered that means no one needs to take on the risk of working at height.

When there is no alternative, other safety measures will be taken. For example, proper training, safety equipment, and correct methods of work will be put in place to prevent any instance of injury. Most people will never experience a fall from height, and therefore will never have a need to consider making working at height injury claims. However, if you are reading this because you have already suffered one or more injuries in such a fall, then it is worth finding out more about working at height injury claims.

Injuries that could be experienced

You may know from personal experience how you could sustain a working at height injury. Unstable scaffolding, a lack of railings or nets to prevent or limit the chances of a fall from height, and no safety equipment to keep you attached to the building could all potentially come into play.

If you do fall from height, you are likely to be at risk of broken bones and possibly crush injuries, too. This holds true no matter whether you land on the floor, or on something that breaks your fall before that point. Internal bleeding, head injuries, and possibly neck and back injuries could all be the result of such a fall.

Awkward falls

While the distance you fall can have a significant effect on how badly you are injured, it does not always follow that the higher you fall, the more serious your injuries are. For example, if you fall awkwardly from a few feet up and strike your head on the floor, there is the potential to suffer a nasty head injury. Conversely, if you fall from a greater height but you land in a hedge or a row of bushes, these could help break your fall. You may still be injured, but your injuries may not be as serious as they could have been if you had not broken your fall in this manner.

Seeking immediate medical help following a fall from height is very important. Even if you seem okay, you cannot always tell if you have been hurt. Not all injuries are visible to the naked eye, and since internal bleeding and crush injuries cannot always be seen, you never know whether you could require treatment urgently unless and until you have been checked out.

Once you have been treated and you are on the mend, you can think about working at height injury claims and whether you have good cause to make such a claim in your own situation. If you are keen to find out more, you should speak with a lawyer who focuses on dealing with personal injury claims, particularly those that stem from accidents in the workplace.

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