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Work-related stress compensation?

Work-related stress is becoming ever more commonplace with an increasing number of cases being reported each year. With more of us being employed in high pressure and competitive environments, it is likely that at some point we will all experience work stress. However, some people, in certain situations, no matter how they try to alleviate their symptoms, will begin to feel the harmful effects of stress and be unable to continue coping with the problem. If you have found yourself in this situation you may be entitled to claim compensation for work stress.

Every employer, under the Health and Safety at Work Act, has a legal responsibility to ensure their employees are able to carry out their work in a healthy and safe environment. However, if your employer has failed to look after your welfare and the result has caused stress, the employer is in breach of their commitment. There are several reasons why you may be suffering with stress at work, the most common being:

  • Excessive workload
  • Uncomfortable working environment
  • Bullying
  • Lack of support
  • Disability
  • A family bereavement

No matter what the cause of your stress, it is important not to try and deal with it alone, but instead recognise the problem and discuss it with your employer.

What is a compensation claim?

Acting on your behalf, we at Accident Advice Helpline will instruct our solicitors to make a claim for work-related stress in order to obtain financial compensation from your employer. A personal injury claim will be made, based on the fact that you are suffering with an illness linked to stress caused in the workplace. If your employer is proved to be in breach of the relevant legislation you will be entitled to claim monetary compensation.

What do I need in order to claim?

The most important aspect of a successful compensation claim for work-related stress is being able to prove that the symptoms of your stress have occurred as a direct result of your working environment. Therefore, conclusive evidence must be presented that shows both the reasons for the claim and the employer’s inability to resolve the causes.

As soon as you are aware you are suffering with stress at work you should contact your HR or office manager, inform them of the problems and try to work out a solution. It is essential that you keep detailed notes and evidence of meetings and discussions in order to help prove that your employer has been made aware of the situation. You should also try to obtain written support from colleagues who may have witnessed what has been going on. If you find that your employer is unwilling to help or recognise the issues, we at Accident Advice Helpline are here to help. One of our solicitors will be happy to discuss your situation and guide you through the next steps. They will work with you to build a case that can be presented on your behalf. For a successful claim, medical verification will be required to prove that you are suffering with an illness, such as clinical depression, as a result of work-related stress.