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If you live in, or spend time in, Great Dunmow, you’ll already know just how charismatic this little Essex town can be. Sitting around half way between Braintree and Bishop’s Stortford, the town is commutable to London and to many other centres of industry. Home to just under 10,000 people, Great Dunmow is, for the most part, a quiet, sleepy town, free from drama and disaster.

However, just occasionally the peace and serenity of this quiet little town are shattered by the unexpected carnage of an accident. A collision on the road, an incident at work, or someone being hurt in a painful fall… whatever has happened, our expert solicitors are on hand to help. Here’s how it works:

Are you eligible to claim following your accident?

There are a couple of key criteria you’ll need to satisfy if you want to make a claim for compensation. These include:

  • Someone else was responsible for your accident
  • You were physically hurt, requiring medical treatment
  • Your accident was within the last three years

If you’re not sure about any of these things, talk to us before you give up. It’s our job to figure out if you can claim or not, and it’s our solicitors who have the skills and experience to build a case against the person responsible for your injuries.

Can you afford a solicitor?

If money is tight, as it is for so many of us these days, you might think the services of a solicitor are well beyond your reach. But don’t despair, because there is a way you can access the legal expertise you need without having lots of cash in the bank.

Personal injury cases are often taken on a no win no fee basis. What this means for you is that there is nothing to pay up front to start your claim, and no need to worry about big legal bills from your solicitor if the case doesn’t win. With no win no fee, you are protected throughout the process, and can get the expert representation you need, no matter what your financial situation.

Don’t worry about spending hours looking for no win no fee fee Great Dunmow solicitors, because you’ve already found the best firm for the job. Our legal team are second to none, with a proven track record of winning cases just like yours, and ensuring innocent victims are adequately compensated for their suffering.

Finding no win no fee Great Dunmow solicitors

As we said earlier, spending your time looking for no win no fee Great Dunmow solicitors is not necessary. You could potentially spend hours looking for someone local, only to find they don’t have the specific expertise that you need. Alternatively, you could find they aren’t actually no win no fee Great Dunmow solicitors, and they need a big payment up front before they’ll agree to take your case.

Why take the chance, when you can get the professional support you need with just one phone call?

Call us today on 0800 689 5659. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and you are under no obligation to go ahead at any point. Call now, and start the process to claim the compensation you rightfully deserve.