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Why your workplace should always have a first aid kit

While it is any employer’s first priority to prevent accidents at work in the first place, all workplaces should always have a first aid kit and adequately trained first aid personnel on the premises. Here is why this is so important.

Why you should always have a first aid kit

Accidents are, by definition, unfortunate incidents that happen unintentionally and unexpectedly. This means that even under ideal conditions and after taking all imaginable steps to minimise risks, work accidents can and will happen occasionally, as can sudden outbreaks of illness.

When a workplace accident happens, immediate first aid can not only prevent minor injuries from turning into major ones, but may even save lives. It is therefore imperative to always have a first aid kit available, suitable to deal with all possible types of injury likely to occur within your working environment.

Types of kits

What is needed within your first aid kit depends a great deal on the type of work and any machinery, equipment and substances used in carrying this work out on your premises.

If, for example, your work involves use of corrosive substances, you should always have a first aid kit stocked with suitable materials to deal with injuries caused by such substances, as well as a first aider who is trained adequately in the use of such materials.

In a working environment with comparatively low risk of work injuries, for instance, an office, a basic first aid kit and, if necessary, calling emergency services, would most likely be sufficient.

No first aid kit

If you are injured at work and your injury is made worse by the lack of a suitably stocked first aid kit, you could be able to claim for industrial injury compensation. This also applies if the first aider treating your injury is not adequately trained to provide you with the correct necessary first aid.

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