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Whiplash value of claim

What is whiplash injury and what causes it?

Whiplash injury occurs when muscles and tendons in the neck are stretched beyond their normal limit and then whipped back in the opposite direction – a bit like the lash and recoil action of a whip, hence the name. The whiplash value of claim varies because the range of damage can vary so much.

The commonest cause of whiplash is sudden or emergency braking in a vehicle, or a vehicle coming to a stop in an impact. The seatbelt restrains the body and the airbags protect the face but the neck gets shaken around. It’s easy to forget, on a journey, that your body is travelling at the same speed as the vehicle.  Whiplash injury also results from contact sports, falling from a horse or even from a bike.

Whiplash value of claim ranges

The average whiplash compensation pay-out is between £1000 – £2000. In cases with complications, for example if it badly affects a pregnant woman, or a victim with other medical conditions and exacerbates them, then the payment can be higher.

What is the effect of whiplash?

Whiplash claims top the list of the compensation claim league tables. Effects can be mild, with sprained ligaments causing pain and restricted movement for days or a week or two, but there can be complications. These include:

Blurred vision


Temporary loss of hearing

Numbness and pins and needles in neck, shoulders and arms

Temporary or prolonged damage to the spine

And there can be other minor side effects too.

The problem with whiplash injury is it is hard to prove. This makes setting the whiplash value of claims difficult too. Some have dubbed Britain “the whiplash capital of Europe” for the number of claims going through, and there are calls for more stringent medical tests before a claim can be made.

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If you have suffered a whiplash injury recently and it was not your fault, contact our experts at Accident Advice Helpline and see if you should make a claim. If you had medical attention and you are off work because of your injury, you could be entitled to compensation to cover your loss of income and extra expenses you have incurred, not to mention your pain and suffering. Call us on 0800 689 5659. Do it today.