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Whiplash and head injuries

Whiplash and head injuries? Double Trouble

If you’ve had a car crash and you’re experiencing neck pain and stiffness, it’s possible that you have whiplash. Head injuries can go hand in hand with whiplash. If this is the case, Accident Advice Helpline can help you make a whiplash and head injuries compensation claim.

Essentially, whiplash occurs when a sudden movement or jolt damages the ligaments, tendons or muscles in your neck. A whiplash and head injuries compensation claim most typically arises after a car accident takes place, causing the head to jolt violently. However, such claims may also arise through long-term damage to the neck or if you’ve been the victim of an assault where you sustained a blow to the head.

Legal Advice for your whiplash and head injuries

If you want to make a claim for your injuries you will need expert legal advice. That doesn’t mean you will have to handle complicated legal matters yourself. Accident Advice Helpline will do all that for you.

As long as the accident that caused your injuries wasn’t your fault and happened in the past three years you are eligible to make a claim. You need to have had medical attention for your injuries as well.

We will handle your claim by telephone which takes the stress out of the process for you. There is little or no paperwork and we will keep you updated as matters proceed. You will get the full support of the lawyer assigned to your case.

Making a whiplash and head injuries compensation claim

If your whiplash and head injuries compensation claim has arisen as the result of a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you can make your whiplash compensation claim with the help of Accident Advice Helpline.

Our extensive legal team has lawyers from all over the UK, all of whom are no win no fee.

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