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Typical Whiplash Compensation

Often we receive enquiries from potential clients asking us if there is a typical whiplash compensation claim and if we can provide them with an example so they can learn more about the process of claiming for this type of injury.

Thus we are going to attempt to answer this popular question. We’ll look at the components of a typical whiplash compensation claim including the financial aspects of such a claim.

The components that make up a typical whiplash compensation claim are as follows:

  • There has to have been a whiplash injury sustained
  • Typically but not exclusively this is sustained in a vehicle accident
  • The victim must have sought medical advice

These are the basic requirements that make up a typical whiplash compensation claim. To find out more information about this type of claim it is usually advisable to take professional advice from an independent source. Law firms like Accident Advice Helpline (AAH) can give advice on a range of accident compensation claims, including whiplash.

We have an extensive legal team who are experts in this field and can guide individuals who may have a right to compensation. If you look at these basic requirements and think you might fulfil them it is always worth calling Accident Advice Helpline to find out more details of how much you could be entitled to.

This brings us onto the financial aspects of a typical whiplash compensation claim. Really the question we are asking is – is there a typical amount you can expect to receive from a whiplash injury claim? The law surrounding whiplash injury is more complicated than it first appears and that is due to the complex nature of a whiplash injury. Sometimes it can take up to two years for a victim of whiplash to fully know the implications of the injury they may have sustained. This length of time is one of the factors that needs to be taken into account when working out how much a victim will receive.

So factors affecting a typical whiplash compensation claim are the time it takes to evaluate how much impact the injury has had on the individual’s life, and the gravity that impact has on the quality of life the individual has. Again AAH’s senior legal team would be able to guide whiplash victims through this process.

In past cases people have been awarded varying amounts of compensation. Some have been awarded a few hundred pounds some have been awarded several thousands of pounds. To ask is there is a typical whiplash compensation amount awarded, the answer is no, as every single case is different.

So in answer to our question we can say that there are some ingredients that must be present in a typical whiplash compensation claim, which we have outlined. Can we say there is a typical amount people will receive? We can with confidence say that thousands of people have claimed amounts from several hundreds of pounds to several thousands of pounds. If you feel you have been the victim of a whiplash injury, the best advice is to talk to the experts at AAH.