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Types of road accidents

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are all too common on the UK’s roads. There are many different types of road accidents, causing a wide variety of injuries, from minor whiplash to life-threatening conditions to loss of mobility or permanent disability.

You can be involved in a road accident as a passenger, cyclist, pedestrian or driver. The other party may be a lorry driver, motorcycle or car.

Unhappily, they could also be a hit and run or uninsured motorist as well, or the other party could be driving a stolen vehicle.

The different types of road accidents

Among the more common types of road accidents are:

  • Lane departure accidents, where a driver leaves their lane and hits another car or an object by the road.
  • Collisions at junctions, including rear collisions and side or angle impact. Half of all crashes in towns and a third of rural accidents take place at junctions. On rural roads, while collisions are statistically less likely to take place, the consequences can be worse because of the higher speeds which tend to be involved. Side impacts can be especially nasty because someone could be sitting next to a part of the car which offers only minimal protection.
  • Accidents involving cyclists, those on foot and animals
  • Rollovers are another kind of incident but these are not very common, although when they do happen the outcomes can be particularly serious.
  • Head-on collisions – again these can be nasty, mostly because of the speed involved. They can happen when a car strays into the path of another, oncoming vehicle, or because of a steering over-correction. The risks of these types of road accidents are greatest on highways where lanes are narrow, on sharp bends, in high density traffic and where lanes are not separated. Highways with single carriageways in urban areas can be very vulnerable. Interestingly, with all their barriers, the risk of head-on collisions on motorways is actually relatively low. However, there is quite a risk of single-vehicle collisions.

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