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Types of repetitive strain injury: Ganglion

A ganglion cyst is a lump that can form under the skin which is made up of a thick fluid-like matter called synovial fluid which is used to cushion and protect joints and tendons. A ganglion cyst can occur anywhere on the body but the most common places are those in which repetitive strain injuries often occur such as the wrist, hand and arm.

Is ganglion a type of repetitive strain injury?

There are many different causes of ganglion but if you have had an accident at work which has weakened the joint or muscle then a ganglion cyst is more likely to occur there.

With this in mind, if you have suffered with any other repetitive strain injuries in the past that have damaged your hand or arm, you are more likely to get a ganglion cyst than someone who hasn’t had an accident at work or damaged their limb.

Are ganglion cysts dangerous and how are these repetitive strain injuries treated?

The cysts aren’t typically considered dangerous and the NHS will only suggest removal it if it becomes very painful and stops you from carrying out simple day-to-day tasks. The majority of these cysts, which may or may not have been caused by a work injury, can be tolerated without much interference.

There are currently two treatments for the cysts; surgery to remove the cyst, or aspiration to drain the fluid built up in the cyst. Either way, unlike some repetitive strain injuries, ganglion cysts can be relatively easy to treat.

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