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Types of accidents that could occur in a beauty salon

Do you know the types of accidents that could occur in a beauty salon?

When things go wrong on a visit to a beauty salon, it can be traumatising. These are places where we expect to leave looking better than we did going in, after all. It’s a good idea, therefore, to be aware of the types of accidents that could occur in a beauty salon.

Lack of staff training

This may well be the main cause of beauty salon accidents. Staff should be well trained in all the therapies and treatments they provide. Often these procedures involve electrical equipment and chemicals.

If staff aren’t properly trained then they may fail to operate equipment safely or fail to do skin tests where chemicals such as hair colourants are involved. You may be harmed as a result and this could involve scarring.

Lack of training can result in other types of accidents that could occur in a beauty salon such as slips, trips and falls. If spillages aren’t wiped up promptly you could slip and fall. If cables are left to trail across the salon floor both staff and clients are at risk of a fall.

Often the chores that involve tidying up are left to junior staff or ‘Saturday staff’. If these staff aren’t trained they could cause an accident without intending to do so.

Faulty equipment

Beauty salon equipment should be well maintained and kept in safe working order. Regular equipment checks should be recorded by a qualified person, such as an electrician. In the event an accident occurs this will be important evidence of equipment maintenance.

It is especially important that equipment used around the face and eyes is safe and won’t cause permanent damage to skin or blindness.

Chemical accidents

Most beauty products are safe to use and tested by the manufacturers before being used on the public. They come with detailed instructions for safe use and some require skin tests to be done before the product is used on the client. This applies particularly to hair colourants and skin peels.

If you are not offered a skin test then ask for one or go to another salon for your treatment.

Accident Advice Helpline

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There are many different types of accidents that could occur in a beauty salon and we can give you some legal advice about any one of them.

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