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Types of accidents that could occur in a shopping centre

Have you been hurt whilst out shopping?

Situated in town centres and retail parks, there are many shopping malls in the United Kingdom. With many of them combining numerous shops under one roof, they are a great way to shop, regardless of the weather.

Many of the larger shopping centres cater for thousands of people at one time so it’s important that safety and security is taken into account. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for accidents to occur, particularly when large groups of people are in one area.

Do you know the types of accidents that could occur in a shopping centre?

Although people can get hurt in many different ways whilst out shopping, slips, trips and falls are common types of accidents that could occur in a shopping centre. If litter is left around and isn’t cleared away this can clearly cause a tripping hazard and an unsuspecting member of the public could get hurt as a result.

In addition to this, the very nature of the building could cause people to sustain injuries. Many shopping centres have stairs and escalators, as well as lifts. If these aren’t maintained properly or are allowed to become overcrowded, someone could fall and suffer a serious injury.

If you’ve been affected by the types of accidents that could occur in a shopping centre, you could be able to claim for compensation. However, before you make your claim, you’ll need to ensure that you’re eligible to take legal action.

Are you able to make a claim?

In order to be able to claim compensation, you’ll need to prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries. If another shopper inadvertently caused you to get hurt, you could make a claim against them directly.

Alternatively, if the shopping mall staff were at fault or the building wasn’t properly maintained, you could make a claim against the shopping centre itself.

As most shopping areas area covered by CCTV cameras, there’s a good chance that the incident will have been caught on tape and this could help to prove that someone else was responsible for your injury.

You will also need to have received medical treatment for your injury in order to be able to make a compensation claim and most claimants will also have to adhere to a 3-year time limit when taking this type of legal action.

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