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Treatment for repetitive strain injury

Although there are a number of adjustments that employees and sufferers can make to equipment and working conditions in order to reduce the impact upon repetitive strain injuries, once an injury has occurred, it can be extremely difficult to treat and manage.

The key to a good recovery from repetitive strain injury is catching it in the early stages, and taking steps to prevent it from becoming worse by getting immediate treatment for repetitive strain injury.

Things that can be done to stop a repetitive strain injury from getting worse include:

  • Replacing old furniture with ergonomically designed pieces
  • Reassigning problematic tasks
  • Scheduling extra breaks

If employers fail to do these things, and a repetitive strain injury grows worse as a result, employees could find it hard to manage the tasks we all take for granted, such as cooking, playing with children, or carrying shopping home, and when things get to this point, it is possible for those injured to seek compensation from their employers.

Treatment for repetitive strain injury

If you think you have RSI, it is important that you take steps to obtain treatment for repetitive strain injury. In the first instance, you could approach your employer to discuss your working situation, and perhaps book a visit with an occupational health professional, who may be able to help you with simple modifications and exercises to minimize the impact of the problem.

If RSI persists, visiting your doctor is a must. In most cases, your doctor will suggest that you take as much rest as possible, take regular breaks from repetitive tasks, and do stretching exercises which have been designed to combat the problem.


In terms of medication, many doctors recommend the use of anti-inflammatories, which can help to reduce any swelling. Heat and ice packs are also a good way to combat the pain of a repetitive strain injury.

Alternative treatments

Some doctors will also recommend that you try out a number of alternative treatments, including osteopathic manipulation and visits to a good chiropractor. Some people also find that acupuncture is quite helpful.


In the most serious cases of repetitive strain injury, it may be necessary for the patient to undergo surgery.


However, many experts agree that physiotherapy is actually the best cure for repetitive strain injury, as it helps to strengthen body tissues and prevent further injury.

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