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Treatment for injuries sustained whilst on holiday

If you’re injured while on holiday, a relaxing time can suddenly become a very stressful one. If you received treatment for injuries sustained whilst on holiday, you may be able to make a compensation claim. If you were not to blame, talk to Accident Advice Helpline.

It’s so easy to think that injuries we receive don’t feel too bad, so we don’t need to visit a doctor, but any injury should be properly assessed.

Have your injuries assessed

Some injuries actually disguise more serious ones. A bang to the head, for example, might result in a headache. If you don’t visit a doctor, you may find that your injury is a lot more serious than you first imagined.

When you are away from home, you may think that you can’t visit a doctor in that area and you’ll visit your own GP when you get home. Most surgeries will see temporary patients if they are stopping in the area, so you will be able to have your injury checked straight after your accident. It can be useful to follow this up with your own doctor once you’ve returned home.

If you want to claim compensation, you will need to visit a medical practitioner as soon as you can. Being able to provide medical evidence means you can prove that you received treatment for injuries sustained whilst on holiday.

Information to help you claim with Accident Advice Helpline

If you’re looking for a solicitor with over 15 years of personal injury experience, and a good success rate, you just need to call Accident Advice Helpline.

Before you claim, we will use our unique 30-second test™ to confirm if your claim could be successful. You can make a claim if:

  • You were not to blame for causing your accident
  • You can provide medical evidence
  • You are calling within three years

You are under no obligation to make a claim, but if you decide to go ahead, we can get your claim started while you are on the phone.

Call us after treatment for injuries sustained whilst on holiday

One thing you won’t have to worry about is how to finance your claim. All of our lawyers make claims on a no win no fee basis, so you won’t be asked for payment before we can start your claim.

For more information about a claim, just call Accident Advice Helpline and speak to one of our advisors. We have a freephone number, which is 0800 689 5659. Call today and we can explain the claims process and tell you how we can help you.