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Treating a leg injury

Need to help treating a leg injury?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to go about treating a leg injury? Unless you have attended a few health and safety classes or read up on medical best practice it’s likely you’ll be in the dark about the best way to assist someone with a leg injury. Hopefully you will never be in the situation whereby you’ll need to perform first aid or instruct someone on how to assist you. However, if you do, the following information could be priceless.

The standard practice for treating a leg injury is commonly known as PRICE therapy. The letters in PRICE stand for:

  • Protect: Do your best to protect the affected area from any further injury or trauma
  • Rest: Immediately stop the activity that has caused the pain
  • Ice: For the first 48-72 hours after the injury apply ice to the affected area
  • Compression: To limit further swelling bandage the injured area
  • Elevation: Ensure that the injured area is kept raised

Claiming for a leg injury

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we know only too well that leg injuries come in a variety of shapes and sizes: cuts, burns, lacerations, torn ligaments, broken bones or crush injuries which require extreme medical action. Having a debilitating leg injury can negatively impact on many aspects of a victim’s ability to continue with their existing lifestyle.

Take our 30-second test™ to discover for yourself if you qualify to seek compensation for your leg injury. As a general guide you will be entitled to compensation if:

  • Your leg injury happened because of an accident
  • The accident wasn’t your fault
  • You sought medical assistance
  • The incident occurred within the last 3 years

We can certainly help you if your leg injury was caused during an accident at work, road traffic accident or a slip, trip or fall hat wasn’t your fault.

What help can Accident Advice Helpline offer me?

As we don’t think that it’s right that you should bear the financial impact of a non-fault accident, whilst the negligent party gets off scot free, we have put together a comprehensive package of support and assistance including:

  • Free calls
  • Free advice without obligation
  • Assess to no win no fee injury lawyers
  • No upfront or interim payments required
  • No middlemen
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast settlements and payouts

This enables you to claim the monetary redress you are entitled to with the minimum amount of fuss or risk to yourself. Contact our advice helpline as soon as possible to discuss your situation with one of our friendly and experienced claims advisors.

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