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Treating an internal injury

Do you have questions about treating an internal injury? Have you suffered an internal injury through someone else’s fault? If you need to make a compensation claim for your internal injury, we can support your claim today.

How do internal injuries occur?

Internal injuries can occur in many ways, particularly as a result of an accident. The two main ways are as follows:

  • A blunt force trauma – this is where your body stops at high speed or is hit at high speed. Examples of this would include a car collision or a fall from height. In a blunt force trauma, your internal organs come to a stop at such high speed that your blood vessels are torn or crushed. This causes internal bleeding which requires immediate treatment.
  • A penetration injury – this occurs when a foreign body or sharp object pierces your body and tears blood vessels as part of the internal wound. Again, this can cause internal bleeding.

If your internal injuries have occurred as a result of an accident that was caused by someone else, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Main ways of treating an internal injury

There are two main ways of treating an internal injury, linked to the severity of the injury. For a very serious internal bleed, immediate hospitalisation and surgery is likely. The surgery will attempt to stop the internal bleeding and prevent blood loss.

For a less severe injury with slow internal bleeding, you may be admitted to hospital for observation, followed by rest and recuperation.

Are you eligible to make a claim?

Checking whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim is easy. Just take a look at these three statements and see if you can answer each one with Yes:

  1. Your injuries occurred in an accident where someone else was to blame
  2. Your accident took place within the last three years
  3. You saw a doctor or hospital for your injuries

If you are able to confirm that all three of these statements are true, then you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. We are the compensation experts and we can support your claim on a no win no fee basis. With no upfront fees, why not start today?

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