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Treating a finger injury

When it comes to treating a finger injury prevention is the best medicine

If you work with heavy operating machinery, vibrating machinery or sit at a desk clicking a mouse over and over and over again it’s important to take regular breaks. Over a period of time even minor repetitive actions can cause pain, inflammation and discomfort in joints. The reasons why some people develop Raynaud’s syndrome and not others are not fully understood. It’s universally accepted that operating vibrating machinery over a significant period of time can cause damage to the nerves and small blood vessels in the fingers. Little is known about this mysterious condition. The best way to minimise your chances of contracting this painful condition is to:

  • Stop using vibrating equipment
  • Hold vibrating equipment as loosely as possible
  • Hold vibrating equipment in a variety of positions
  • Use the right tool for the task
  • Don’t hold the tool for longer than you need to
  • Take regular breaks
  • Keep warm
  • Don’t smoke

Treating a finger injury – what’s best?

Treating a finger injury that has been caused by this phenomenon is no simple task. Sadly it’s down to managing to keep the symptoms at bay as best as possible and pain management of the symptoms.

  • Don’t smoke: Chemicals in tobacco can cause the blood vessels to narrow. Stopping smoking can alleviate your symptoms.
  • Cut out caffeine: Tea, coffee and cola can trigger symptoms in some people so try cutting out caffeine for a few weeks to see if this helps you.
  • Regulate your temperature: Try to keep warm in cool weather or in cool environments. Wearing gloves is important and maintaining your entire body temperature can help with this.

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