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Treating an ear injury

When you think that you have suffered an ear injury because you worked in a noisy work place it can be a very distressing time. You will worry about the impact that your loss of hearing will have on your home life and on your ability to work. You may also be very interested to know what the options are for treating an ear injury.

Find out about treating an ear injury

It is very important that you consult a medical professional about your hearing loss. You will probably be assessed in a specialist clinic and you will be told about the treatment options. Treating an ear injury is a specialist task and should be left to the professionals. You may be offered a range of treatment options including hearing aids. However, there is a huge range of hearing aids and devices available these days and your doctor will be able to select the best one to suit your condition and your lifestyle.

In some cases there are surgical options as well. Whilst you are receiving treatment for an ear injury you will inevitably incur some expenses. You may have to pay travel costs to attend a specialist clinic or child care costs so that your children can be looked after whilst you are there.

Making a claim for your ear injury with Accident Advice Helpline

You may find that not all of your treatment options are available for free on the National Health Service. This leaves you with a dilemma. You may already be short of money because you could not work due to your ear injury. Do you really want to spend more money on treating an ear injury when it was not even your fault? This is where Accident Advice Helpline comes in. We can help you to start a personal injury claim which could get you some compensation for your ear injury.

If your ear injury was caused by your employer, you would make a claim against them. Most employers have insurance policies in place to pay this sort of compensation.

We can tell you more about how personal injury claims work in practice when you call us. You can reach us on 0800 689 5659 (free of charge) or on phone. You will not be charged for the initial free advice and you will not be pressured into making a claim if you don’t want to. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call.