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Treating burn injuries

Information about treating burn injuries

If you were in a fast-paced kitchen environment there is a chance that you could sustain burns in an accident you didn’t cause. Often these accidents are the results of people moving too quickly in a small area or being unfamiliar with health and safety procedures regarding the use of hot food appliances. Whatever the reason if you need help treating burn injuries then you will have to seek medical attention.

Accident Advice Helpline has been helping those burned in kitchen accidents receive the compensation they have deserved since the year 2000. With a team of no win no fee solicitors whose experience and success rate is second to none, we are on hand daily to answer your questions about compensation claims.

Receiving treatment for your injuries

There should be someone at your place of work who is trained in first aid and who can administer initial assistance in treating burn injuries. It is a legal requirement that a workforce has as a designated first aider and access to a first aid box in the event of an accident.

If such facilities are not available then the delay in beginning to treat burn injuries could cause problems with the healing process later on. You employer has a legal requirement to ensure these facilities are available and failing to do is tantamount to a failure in their duty of care.

Your designated first aider should have been able to administer preliminary first aid treatment whilst (a) waiting for an ambulance or (b) making the journey to hospital. If you have had to go without first aid care then your injuries may become more serious because of the time taken to attend to them.

As with all injuries, the time between suffering burn injuries and receiving treatment is vitally important. That time should be used by a first aider to stabilise any bleeding, apply bandages or dressings and to make sure the affected area is kept as clean as possible.

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