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How to treat someone in shock

We’ve all received a shock of some kind at some point in our lives. Yet this is very different from medical shock, which can be a serious condition. As such, it is a good idea if you learn how to treat someone in shock, because it might one day allow you to save someone’s life.

Shock can be caused when the flow of the blood round the body is insufficient. This could be for a number of reasons, such as severe bleeding – the type that might be caused when someone has an accident. Signs of shock may potentially include paleness, clammy skin and confusion. In this situation, the casualty should lie down with their head on the floor and their legs raised. Stay with the person and call for medical help, making sure you tell those who answer why the person may have gone into shock (if you know).

Why might someone go into shock in the first place?

When you learn how to treat someone in shock, you will probably also learn why it might happen. This will better enable you to spot someone in this state in the first place, so you can help them as quickly as possible.

Sometimes someone who has had a serious accident might suffer extensive bleeding from one or more injuries. This doesn’t have to mean a loss of blood from the body through external wounds. It could just as easily mean the person has internal bleeding that you cannot see. If you spot symptoms of shock and you know the person has been in an accident, you should notify the emergency team who attends the scene.

Did you experience shock as a result of sustaining injuries in an accident?

Knowing how to treat someone in shock can help them towards a speedy recovery from whatever injuries they may have sustained. However, even if someone did this for you, you may not have suffered those injuries to begin with if negligence had not occurred.

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