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How to treat broken ribs

Broken ribs can be very painful. They also have the potential to puncture a lung if the break is serious enough and forces part of the bone through the surface of the lung. As such, knowing how to treat broken ribs could prevent an injury getting worse before medical help is sought.

While you don’t always have to get medical assistance for suspected broken ribs, you should definitely call for help if the person has other injuries (perhaps sustained in a fall, for example), or they cannot breathe properly, or they’re coughing up blood. More serious symptoms like these can potentially indicate a collapsed lung. If in doubt, it is always better to seek medical advice.

How can you injure and break one or more ribs?

A fall can do it, especially if you fall onto something from a height. An awkward fall in which you trip and go down quickly, landing on something hard in the process, could also break them. In other cases, someone might be in some kind of collision and break their ribs that way. A road accident, either in a car or on a bike of some description, might result in such an injury being sustained.

If you suffer from this injury, it will help to know how to treat broken ribs. This should mean you know whether or not you need to seek hospital treatment. Of course, if you have been in a road accident and you have other injuries as well, you should definitely get checked over to be on the safe side. Even if you think you are fine, a serious break could lead to worsening symptoms over time.

Did someone else cause you to have an accident?

Whether you fell at work or you were hit by a car, broken ribs might be one of the results. Knowing how to treat broken ribs can prevent your injuries being more painful than might otherwise be the case. However, it would be advisable to speak with the experts on personal injury claims, just as you would speak with a medical expert regarding the actual injury.

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