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Torn cartilage in the hip

The acetabular labrum is a ring of cartilage around the hip socket. It helps to keep the head of your thigh bone inside of your hip socket, facilitating the normal functioning of your hip joint.

Although the acetabular labrum helps to cushion your bones, it is highly susceptible to injuries. The causes of acetabular labrum injuries are many and varied but they commonly include:

  • Trauma – injuries to the hip joint, which can occur during road traffic accidents and contact sports such as rugby or football, can cause the cartilage in the hip to suddenly tear, resulting in considerable pain and suffering
  • Repetitive motions – activities that require sudden twisting motions can cause small injuries to the cartilage, ultimately resulting in the gradual tearing of the acetabular labrum

What are the symptoms of torn cartilage in the hip?

Torn cartilage in the hip may cause one of more of the following symptoms:

  • Locking or clicking sensations in the hip joint
  • Hip pain and stiffness
  • Limited movement

If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should visit your doctor. Unfortunately, labrum tears rarely occur in isolation. Your doctor may therefore send you for an x-ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which will enable him or her to check for other injuries within your hip joint.

What are the treatment options for labrum tears?

If you are diagnosed with a labrum tear, your treatment choices will depend on the severity of your symptoms. Conservative treatments, such as pain-relieving medications and physiotherapy, may help you to minimise your pain and maximise your range of motion. If these treatments fail to relieve your symptoms, you may require surgery to repair or remove the torn cartilage.

Can you make a compensation claim for torn cartilage in the hip?

Labrum tears can be particularly inconvenient, often meaning that you cannot move around, work, look after your family or enjoy your favourite hobbies. Making a hip injury claim can help you to recover your lost wages and pay for any private medical treatment you require.

To find out more about whether you are entitled to make a compensation claim for torn cartilage in the hip , please call our helpline on 0800 689 5659  or on phone and let the no win no fee lawyers here at Accident Advice Helpline provide you with no-obligation legal advice. Alternatively, fill in our 30-second test™ form to find out if you have a valid claim and one of our helpful claims advisers will call you to see if we can be of further assistance.