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Top 5 potential accident claims for a bricklayer

Working in the construction industry is just about one of the most dangerous careers you can possibly pursue. Whilst construction only accounts for approximately 10 per cent of the workforce within Great Britain, construction site accidents make up almost a quarter of all reported accidents and injuries at work over the course of an average year.

What are the main causes of accidents at work for a bricklayer?

For bricklayers, threats to health and safety at work are both varied and numerous. The five main causes of concern are:

  1. Manual handling injuries – Bricklaying requires enormous amounts of physical effort. Whether it is transporting the bricks themselves, bags of cement or the tools required to do the job, care must be taken to avoid strained muscles, spinal damage and other injuries at work caused by heavy lifting.
  2. Collapsing walls – Bricklayers are dependant on safe and secure working conditions in order to stay safe whilst working. Poorly laid foundations or the wrong equipment can lead to projects falling and failing as they work. Depending on the height and manner in which the bricks fall, bricklayers can suffer all manner of injuries at work, including concussion or broken bones.
  3. Malfunctioning machinery – Care must also be taken to prevent bricklayers being injured by faulty products and equipment. Mechanised tools such as cement mixers are vital in terms of efficiency, but can cause serious workplace accidents should they go wrong.
  4. Dealing with the elements – Bricklayers are expected to work in all conditions and the different seasons bring different threats to safety at work. Working outdoors in the summer months can all too easily lead to severely burnt skin and illnesses at work like sunstroke whilst the cold and wet conditions of winter can also cause a number of health problems.
  5. Trips and falls – The work environment around where bricks are being laid should be kept clean and tidy. Tools and other debris scattered around the place can easily lead to a trip or fall at work, the consequences of which can be serious.

If you are injured at work because of negligence or the actions of someone else and as a result suffered injuries that required medical attention, then you may be due work accident compensation. With over 14 year’s’ experience in processing injury claims, our legal team at Accident Advice Helpline is perfectly placed to guide you through the process. Give us a call for free, no-obligation advice on 0800 689 5659.