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Top 5 dangers of working in the automotive industry

Have you been injured whilst working in the automotive industry? Perhaps you weren’t aware of the dangers of working in the automotive industry until your accident happened. It doesn’t have to be a dangerous job, but if your employer is negligent, accidents could happen. Here we have just a few examples of the dangers of working in the automotive industry to share with you – check them out.

Crush injuries and lacerations – it’s all in a day’s work

  1. Crush injuries. If a car or other vehicle falls on you whilst you’re working underneath it, you could suffer serious, life-threatening crush injuries – you could even be killed. This usually happens due to staff not being properly trained or faulty equipment.
  2. Slip and trip injuries. Spilt liquids on a workshop floor, such as oil or paint, could lead to a slip if not cleaned up promptly, whilst poor lighting or damaged flooring could cause trip injuries. It’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure your work environment is safe.
  3. Lacerations. Faulty tools or equipment could lead to lacerations when working to repair a vehicle, which could in some cases require hospitalisation. Infection is also a risk if you suffer a deep laceration.
  4. Respiratory conditions. Leaving vehicle engines turned on in enclosed spaces could lead to respiratory problems such as asthma or increase your risk of developing more serious long-term conditions.
  5. Electric shock. You could suffer an electric shock from faulty sockets or equipment used in a vehicle repair workshop which could cause palpitations or even lasting damage to your internal organs.

Claiming compensation after a workplace accident

Because your employer is responsible for your safety at work, you could find yourself able to make a personal injury claim if you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, depending on what has happened. For example, if you’ve suffered lacerations or crush injuries caused by faulty tools and equipment, your employer could be held liable. Accident Advice Helpline has been helping those working in the automotive industry to claim compensation for accidents since 2000, and we could help you too.

Our team of personal injury lawyers can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis, however you have been injured. So if you’ve been affected by loss of earnings after taking time off work, we can help. Call our freephone helpline on 0800 689 5659 to find out more.