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Top 5 dangers of being a waiter/waitress

This might seem to be one of the safer jobs to work in. Yet, as with any role, there are potential hazards that can appear during the average shift. The dangers of being a waiter/waitress may not immediately be apparent, but they are there.

Examples of the dangers a waiter or waitress might potentially face

  1. Slips. When a restaurant is busy and the waiter is working fast to cater to every table, slips are easier to suffer than you may think. It is vital that the floor is kept clean and dry at all times – especially when spillages occur.
  2. Trips. Customer bags left sitting in the aisle, someone with their leg outstretched in your way, and other seemingly innocent obstacles can all potentially lead to a trip. Tripping over can cause nasty injuries, particularly if you land awkwardly.
  3. Falls. These can occur if you have to climb a ladder or stand on a chair to reach something. They might also occur if you fall as a result of tripping on a carpet edge that isn’t tacked down properly, or you fall over someone’s bag or a similar obstacle.
  4. Burns. Food is typically served on hot plates, so there are always chances burns can occur. Use protective gloves or a tray whenever possible, or some other method that means you don’t have to touch the plates directly.
  5. Repetitive strain injuries. Constantly picking up heavy plates and glasses, and carrying them to and from the kitchen, can all cause RSI to occur. They don’t even need to be heavy – simply doing the same things over and over again can be enough to cause these potential problems to develop over time.

Have you experienced injuries stemming from the dangers of being a waiter/waitress?

If you have been doing the job for a while, the chances are pretty good that you may have done. However, while some injuries are simple accidents, others stem from the potential negligence of the employer. If you believe your injuries fall into this category, it’s worth calling Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 to see whether a compensation claim might be possible. Our lawyers could help you with such a claim, if you have proof of negligence to back it up. Call today and we can see whether this is true, and whether we can help you.