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Top 5 dangers of using a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are a great way for elderly people to maintain their independence, from travelling to medical appointments to a quick trip to the supermarket. But the dangers of using a mobility scooter could lead to serious injuries. It’s currently not compulsory to wear a helmet on a mobility scooter – in fact, very few people do, so if you’re involved in an accident, you could suffer a head injury. Here are a few examples of the dangers of using a mobility scooter.

Head injuries and hip replacements

  1. Cracked or damaged pavements. Cracked paving stones or a damaged kerb could lead to a mobility scooter toppling over, causing crush injuries or broken bones. Hip fractures are a common injury – elderly people’s bones are more brittle, which means a full recovery from a hip fracture doesn’t always occur.
  2. Collision with pedestrians. Pedestrians stepping out in front of your mobility scooter on the pavement or road could lead to a collision which could leave both you and them injured. Common collision injuries include cuts, bruises, broken bones and facial injuries.
  3. Hit by a car. You could be hit by a car when crossing the road on your mobility scooter – for example if the car in question pulls out without looking or fails to stop at a pedestrian crossing.
  4. Mechanical failure. Faulty brakes or controls on a mobility scooter could lead to a collision with an object or pedestrian, or to the scooter toppling over.
  5. Injured at home by a scooter toppling over. Although most mobility scooter injuries occur on roads or pavements, you could be injured when using a mobility scooter at home. Broken bones and head injuries (due to lack of a helmet) are common.

The aftermath of your accident

Elderly people don’t always heal from injuries as quickly as younger people, and a hip fracture could affect your mobility and independence. You may need assistance to get around or help around the home on a daily basis – you may even need to make adjustments to your home, all of which cost money. Accident Advice Helpline can help you, or your elderly relative, to get the compensation you deserve after a mobility scooter accident that was somebody else’s fault.

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