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Top 5 dangers of being a carpenter

Working as a carpenter isn’t without its hazards – you’re doing a physical, manual job, so there are bound to be risks. However with proper training and experience, as well as the right equipment, you can minimise the risks of being injured in an accident at work. Below we have a few examples of the top dangers of being a carpenter.

Ear and eye injuries

  1. Hearing damage. Loud noises from machinery and hammering could damage your hearing when working as a carpenter.
  2. Toxic hazards. When working as a carpenter you’re exposed to solvents and other hazardous chemicals, some of which could be carcinogenic. So it’s important to wear gloves and other protective clothing when handling toxic substances.
  3. Eye injuries. Flying debris and dust could get into your eye, causing serious injuries or even permanent blindness – wearing eye protection is important.
  4. Repetitive strain or other injuries caused by sitting or kneeling in awkward positions for long periods. If you’re carrying out repetitive tasks or in awkward positions at work, you could suffer injuries to your knees, back, shoulder or neck as well as strain injuries to your wrist and hands.
  5. Injuries caused by tools and machinery. Working with machinery and tools as a carpenter could cause injuries if you slip and cut yourself – you could also be injured if machinery is faulty and malfunctions.

Claiming compensation for injuries caused on the job

Whilst it’s true that the dangers of being a carpenter put you at risk of accidents occurring every time you go to work, there are things you (and your employer) can do to prevent accidents from happening. If you’re employed by a firm – even if you’re a contractor – or you are an apprentice, it’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure you’re safe at work. This means providing you with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as eyewear, gloves and safety boots, to ensure you’re not injured at work.

If you have been injured and you believe your employer is at fault, call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 to find out if you could make a claim for personal injury compensation. Since 2000, we’ve been helping plumbers across the country get the compensation they deserve for workplace accidents, and we could help you too, on a no win no fee basis. It’s free to call us and get confidential, no-obligation advice.