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Top Five Causes of Workplace Accidents

Every year, tens of thousands of people suffer workplace accidents. While many of these are fortunately only minor, some people are left severely injured following an accident at work. In addition, workplace accidents claim the lives of around 15 people annually. While accidents can happen any time and to anyone, many workplace accidents are unavoidable. Accordingly, identifying the causes of the most common accidents around the workplace is one way to ensure that you can eliminate the risk of suffering an injury whilst at work.

5. Machinery workplace accidents

Many people are injured in accidents when operating or being hit by workplace machinery. This may involve being struck by a forklift truck in a warehouse, injured by a power tool or involved in a road traffic collision when driving as part of the job. As with most other workplace accidents, many of these injuries can be avoided with the correct training for using machinery and tools, and by paying enough care and attention when using them.

4. Over-extension

If somebody slips at work, they do not necessarily have to hit the ground to sustain an injury. Thousands of people suffer some form of muscle strain or tendon damage caused by over-extension. Often, these injuries take some time for symptoms to materialise, so even if you don’t think you have been injured, if you suffer a trip or slip at work it is important to seek professional help from a source such as specialist law firm Accident Advice Helpline.

3. Fall from height

Falls from height can be among the most serious of workplace accidents. The majority of deaths that occur around the workplace each year are usually the result of somebody falling from height. It is therefore essential that anybody who has to climb ladders, scaffolding or any other equipment receives the proper training in how to do so.

2. Slips, trips and falls

Slipping, tripping or falling over is the second most common cause of workplace accidents. Usually, slip, trip and fall accidents arise as a result of somebody else’s negligence, such as an object being left in the way or a wet floor not having been signposted.

1. Lifting

Lifting heavy objects is by far the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. Back pain is the most common injury caused by lifting, which can vary from minor to severe. Most injuries caused in this way are the result of inadequate manual handling training and people either lifting in the wrong way or attempting to lift an item that is too heavy.

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